In this article, we'll cover:  

  • How to create a SimpleGym account,
  • How to verify your SimpleGym account
  • Why you're asked sensitive information in the signup process.
  • What happens if you do not verify your account.

In order to begin using your SimpleGym account, you'll need to complete 3 steps:

Step 1: Creating A SimpleGym Account:

About: Use your gym or owner's email address to finish creating your gym's SimpleGym account.

  • Click the Sign Up button on the SimpleGym homepage
  • On the Pop-Up (see image), enter your gym's Email Address and create a Password
  • Click Sign Up
  • Complete the Account Information fields (see image).
  • Click Save

Step 2: Verifying Your Email

About: Verify your email address to finish creating your gym's SimpleGym account.


  • Click Verify my email button.

Step 3: Confirm Your WePay Account

About: To accept gym member's payments via SimpleGym's integrated payments provider, WePay, you will be asked a few questions about you, the business owner, and your gym. 


  • Check Your Inbox: From:, Subject: "Welcome To SimpleGym!" (see image)

  • Click Confirm
  • Set a WePay Password (see image)
    • Note: The same password may be used for both your WePay and SimpleGym accounts. 
  • Click Grant Access
  • Complete the WePay Account Verification Questions (see image)
  • Click Submit

Once you complete the 3 steps above, your SimpleGym account will be created and verified, and you can move on to configuring the various options in your account. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Does SimpleGym Ask These Questions

During the SimpleGym signup process, you'll be asked a number of questions about you, the gym owner, and your gym. Most of these questions are required by WePay, SimpleGym’s integrated payment processor to enable your gym to accept credit and debit card payments via the SimpleGym platform. 

That's because WePay is required, by US law, to ask these questions. Additionally, these questions help WePay form a financial risk profile for your gym. The more information you provide, the more complete your risk profile, which often means you can receive your funds faster and have fewer of your gym’s transactions flagged for review for potential fraud risk. 

Why does the application ask for my Social Security Number?

WePay, SimpleGym’s integrated payment processor, requires a gym owner’s social security number to verify his or her identity. WePay is required by state and federal regulations to do so. 

Neither WePay nor SimpleGym run credit checks on any of our users, so signing up for SimpleGym or for a WePay account to accept payments through SimpleGym will not impact your credit score. To learn more, click here

Why Do I Have To Confirm My Identity?

By US federal law known as KYC, before funds can be deposited into the gym's bank account, the gym owner must verify their identity. Once the gym owner has verified their identity, any money your gym collects can be automatically deposited into the designated bank account. 

Note: You will typically only need to complete this identity verification step once. After you have completed this step, all funds will be automatically settled to your gym's bank account on a regular basis, and you can choose how often these deposits happen (daily, weekly, or monthly).

What If I Fail To Confirm My Identity?

Until you verify your identity, you will still be able to accept payments, however, deposits will be on hold, and there will be a few additional restrictions: 

  • Your can only accept funds up to 90 days without confirming your identity. 
    • Your account will be deleted 14 days after you accept your first payment, unless you confirm your identity.
    • You can only accept up to $100,000, unless you confirm your identity.

If your restricted account is deleted, for failure to confirm your identity in the allowable time, all accepted payments will be refunded.