In this article, we'll cover:  

  • How to accept retail and other one-time payments in your SimpleGym account.
  • How to add items for retail purchases.
  • How to add sales tax for retail purchases.


If your gym sells retail products, like T-Shirts and protein powder, or accepts one-time payments for things like drop in fees, or punch cards, SimpleGym enables you to accept payments for these products and have them automatically tracked in SimpleGym reporting.

SimpleGym's Retail Payments portal enables you to select an existing gym member (and use their saved credit / debit card on file) or enter the payment details for a non-member. Then add items to the cart.  SimpleGym then automatically calculates sales tax, sends a detailed receipt to the purchaser, tracks the payment in your gym's reporting, and logs the sale in your payment history so that you can review, refund or void the transaction at a later date.


Retail Payments is a standard feature, included on both SimpleGym's Free Plan and SimpleGym Pro.


To accept a Retail payment for your gym, first…

  • Navigate To The Retail Payments Tab

    • Log in to your SimpleGym Account.

    • Click ‘Payments’

    • Then Click the 'Retail Payments' tab.

  • Select Buyer: Select an existing Gym Member from the dropdown, or 'Guest Checkout' 

    • Note: Selecting an existing Gym Member's name from the dropdown will use the credit or debit card saved on file for that Member. Selecting 'Guest Checkout' will prompt you to enter the billing details for the Buyer.

  • Items: Add items to the order.

    • Click '+'
    • Type the Item Name and/or Description.
      • Note: This Name / Description will appear on the customer's receipt.
    • Type the Price
    • Click '+' to add any additional items.
  • Tax %: Type in the applicable sales tax percentage for your gym.

    • Note: Sales Tax rates are set by your gym's state and local government rates. See: Sales Tax Rate Calculator to determine your gym's applicable sales tax rate.
  • Checkout: Click 'Checkout'.

  • Confirm: Click 'Confirm'.

Congratulations, you've accepted your first Retail payment!

Now that you have accepted a Retail payment, the buyer will automatically receive a detailed receipt via email. Should you need to, you can view the details of the payment, and issue a refund, by visiting the 'Payment History' tab on the Payments page.