What Is a Chargeback?

A chargeback occurs when a credit card holder contacts his bank or credit card company to dispute a charge on his account. 

How Are Chargebacks Handled?

When a chargeback is issued, the total amount of the chargeback is forcibly removed from WePay's bank account. Accordingly, the total amount of the chargeback is removed from your gym’s WePay account, or bank account. The funds will be removed from your gym’s available balance and held in reserve until the chargeback process is complete. 

When a customer initiates a chargeback dispute, you will receive an email notification. You’ll then have two options: to dispute or concede the charge.  If you concede a chargeback, the total amount of the chargeback will be permanently removed from your WePay or bank account. If you believe that the payment has been wrongfully disputed, you have the ability to challenge the chargeback. For detailed instructions on the chargeback process and fighting chargebacks, click here.