Your gym’s rolling reserve consists of any amount exceeding your gym’s threshold, which is typically set at $500 to $10,000/week. This threshold determines the amount that can be immediately deposited into your gym’s bank account. Any amount your gym accepts over the threshold is held ‘in reserve’ and is typically available 7 days after first being received.

What Are Reserves?

Reserves are portions of your payments that WePay, SimpleGym's integrated payment partner, holds "in reserve" to protect your gym against chargebacks or disputes. 

How Is My Gym's Reserve Set?

Your reserve is set by WePay based on your transaction history, as well as the information you provide about your gym in your profile. As your transaction history grows, and the levels of your chargebacks become known to WePay, your reserve amount will change accordingly.

How Can I Change My Gym's Reserve?

Reserve limits are reevaluated automatically on a regular basis, so SimpleGym users may see an increase automatically as their gym's credit and debit card volume increases over time. If an account holder would like their reserve limit re-evaluated, they'll need to send the most recent 6 months worth of processing statements their previous credit card processor and the reserve limit can be manually reviewed.