In this article, we'll cover:  

  • How to send emails to members from your SimpleGym account.
  • How to use and modify pre-designed email templates.
  • How to select which of your members will receive emails.
  • How to send yourself 'Preview' emails, and send member emails.


Rather than sending manual emails or using a third-party emailing platform, SimpleGym enables you to design and send marketing, scheduling, survey, and retention emails to your gym members via the Communications page in your SimpleGym portal.

SimpleGym's Communications portal enables you to select specific groups of your members to send emails to, use pre-designed email templates, or create your own communications from scratch.


Communications is a standard feature, included on both SimpleGym's Free Plan and SimpleGym Pro.


To send members an email from your gym, first…

  • Navigate To The Communications Page

    • Log in to your SimpleGym Account.

    • Click ‘Communications’

  • Select Email Recipients: Select which of your gym's members will receive the communication. 

    • To: Select the group you want to send the message to (All Members, Active Members, or Inactive Members).

    • Subset: To send the communication to only a portion of the group you've selected, select a subset. To send to the entire group, send "Not Applicable".

      • By Specific Plan: Will send the communication to only those members with the specific Membership Plan selected.
      • By Specific Belt: Will send the communication to only those members with the specific Belt Color selected.
  • Compose Email: Select a pre-designed email template, or write your own communication from scratch.

    • Start with a pre-designed email template and customize the title and body, or select 'Blank' to write your own communication from scratch
    • Email Template: Select from the 'Email Template' dropdown a pre-designed email template. Or select 'Blank' to write your own communication from scratch.
    • Subject: Edit the email subject.
    • Body: Edit the email body. Use the toolbar to add advanced formatting, links, and images.
  • Send Email

    • Send Preview: Send the communication to yourself in order to preview it in your inbox, before sending it out to gym members.
    • Send Email: Send the communication to the selected recipients.
      • Confirm: Now Confirm your intent to send the communication.

Congratulations. You have now designed and sent your first email communication.