In this article, we'll cover:  

  • How to access Alerts in your SimpleGym account.
  • What types of occurrences trigger an Alert.
  • How to resolve the issue that triggered the Alert.
  • How to archive Alerts.


From failed payments, to expiring credit cards, to gym member's whose membership agreements are ending, there are hundreds of small things that SimpleGym is automatically tracking on behalf of your gym each day. When one of those small things requires your attention, SimpleGym triggers an Alert. 

New Alerts are queued for your review in your account, and once you've reviewed the Alert, can be archived.


Alerts are a standard feature, included on both SimpleGym's Free Plan and SimpleGym Pro.


To view your Alerts, first…

  • Navigate To The Alerts Icon:

    • Log in to your SimpleGym Account.

    • Click the ‘Alerts’ Icon at the top right.

  • View and Archive Alerts: 

    • Any new Alerts will be listed on this page, until Archived.

    • Note: Clicking 'Archive' does not resolve the issue, it merely informs you as to the nature of the issue. To the extent the Alert notifies you of an issue that you want resolve, take the appropriate action, and only then click 'Archive'.

Congratulations, you have now reviewed your Alerts! Check for new Alerts regularly.