In this article, we'll cover:  

  • How to configure a second screen to use for class check-ins, typically an iPad or tablet.
  • How to add and configure classes to your gym schedule
  • How to configure your class-check ins.
  • How students can self check-in for classes
  • How to access check-in reports in your SimpleGym account.


Almost all gyms offer members specific classes or sessions throughout the week for students to attend. 

Many gyms want to know: 

  • which students are showing up for which classes (e.g. for liability management), 
  • how popular or unpopular some classes are (e.g for staffing or gym space management purposes), 
  • how many classes a particular student has shown up to (often either to ensure the student is within their monthly maximum for classes, or for belt tracking purposes). 

Regardless of why, instead of having staff members manually track which members are showing up, SimpleGym enables you to automate student check-ins and attendance tracking, via the Attendance page in your SimpleGym portal. 

SimpleGym's Student Check-Ins and Attendance enables you to add Classes that your gym offers to your gym's calendar, as well as important requirements for those classes, such as the maximum attendance for that class. Then students can, when they arrive at the gym, find their name and photo and check-in for that particular class. SimpleGym automatically stores and tracks, on an individual, class and overall gym level, student attendance and presents it in an easy to read report. 


Check-In and Attendance is a standard feature, included on both SimpleGym's Free Plan and SimpleGym Pro.

Add A Class Steps:

To Add a Class for your gym, first…

  • Navigate To The Attendance Calendar Page

    • Log in to your SimpleGym Account.

    • Click ‘Attendance’

    • Then Click the ‘Calendar’ tab.

  • Click 'Add New': This will add a class to your gym's calendar, and enable students to check-in for that class.

    • Enter The Fields:

      • Class Name: Students will see this name upon check-in, so select something recognizable.
      • Description:
      • Category: 
      • Max Students: This is the maximum number of students permitted to check-in for this class. 
      • Drop In Fee: This is the fee you charge for non-member guests to attend this class. If none, enter "0"
      • Start Date: The date this class will begin. If a class is already underway simply enter today's date.
      • End Date: The date this class should no longer appear on the calendar. For ongoing classes, with no planned end date, simply leave this field blank.
      • Days Of The Week: The days of the week that this class is offered.
      • Start Time: Select the class start time in your time-zone, as SimpleGym automatically recognizes your gym's location / applicable time-zone.
      • End Time: Select the class end time in your time-zone, as SimpleGym automatically recognizes your gym's location / applicable time-zone.
    • Save: Click save.

Now that you have entered a class, your Gym Calendar should display the newly added class and any other classes that your gym offers. 

  • Note: To edit an existing class, simply click on the class name, change the fields, and click 'Save'.

Check-In For a Class Steps:

To check-in for an existing class, first…

  • Navigate To The Class Check-In Page

    • Log in to your SimpleGym Account.

    • Click ‘Attendance’

    • Then Click the 'Check-Ins' tab.

    • Note: The 'Check-Ins' tab displays all of today's classes, which means:

      • For gyms that offer multiple classes per day, students can click on the appropriate class, and check-in for that class. 
      • For students who forgot to check-in for a class prior to the class starting, the student can still retroactively check-in for the class through the end of the day.
  • Check-In: Check-In To a Class

    • From the 'Check-Ins' tab, Click the 'Check-In' Icon for the appropriate class.

    • Type the first few letters of the member's name to search for the member.

    • To prevent mistaken check-ins, confirm the member's email and picture match the student.

    • Click 'Check-In'

Configure A Tablet For Student Self-Check In Steps:

Rather than have gym staff check students in, many gyms prefer to configure a second screen, typically a tablet or iPad to be used for student self check-in. To set this up first...

  • Log In To SimpleGym With The Tablet

    • Using the Tablet or Second Screen, Log in to your SimpleGym Account.

      • Note: You can be logged into your account simultaneously from multiple computers, so this will not log you out of your account on your primary computer.

    • Click ‘Attendance’

    • Then Click the 'Check-Ins' tab.

      • Note: This will display a list of all today's classes. Students can then click their class, search for their name, and check-in.

    • Display the Tablet.

All of your active gym members who have a belt assigned will appear in the Belt Tracking Report which displays their belt upgrade eligibility.