In this SimpleGym support article we'll cover: 

  • How to export members from ZenPlanner to SimpleGym.
  • How to import members from a CSV file to SimpleGym.
  • How to transfer encrypted member payment data to your SimpleGym account.

How To Export Members From ZenPlanner to SimpleGym:

We're excited to have your gym work with SimpleGym. If you have just a few members in your gym, you may prefer to manually enter them into SimpleGym. But for gyms with dozens or even hundreds of existing members, exporting your existing members from ZenPlanner and importing them into SimpleGym is a far more efficient way to make the transition. 

Accomplishing this takes just a couple of minutes. Here's the steps:

  • Visit the Students Page In ZenPlanner 
    • Log in to your ZenPlanner Dashboard
    • Select 'My Profile'
    • Select 'Students'
    • On the Far Right Side, Select 'Customize'
    • Select 'Edit Report Settings'
    • Under 'Columns' make sure each of the following is checked:
      • Name
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Gender
      • Birth Date
      • Birth Month
      • Birth Day
      • Address
      • Email
      • Phone
      • Status
      • Signup Date
    • Click 'Refresh Report'
    • Select the 'Download Icon' at the top of the generated report.
    • Select the 'CSV' Download Option
    • If a 'Save As' dialog box opens, change the name to 'GYMNAMEmemberexport.csv'
    • Click 'Save'

You've now successfully exported a list of your gym members from ZenPlanner into a CSV file. The next step, is to get that list of members imported into SimpleGym.

How To Import a CSV File of Members From ZenPlanner to SimpleGym:

Importing your Member CSV file into SimpleGym couldn't be easier, that's because, we do it all for you. Simply email the file to: Support@SimpleGym with the Subject: GYMNAME CSV Import.

Our support team will check the file for proper formatting, and upload it into your account within 48 hours.

How To Know Whether An Import Was Successful:

If there are any issues with your file, or with the importing process, we will notify you and instruct you on any changes that need to be made to the file. 

Otherwise, we will notify you that the file has been successfully imported into your SimpleGym account. At which point, you will see all of your gym's members listed in your SimpleGym account. 

Will Payment Data Import As Well?:

If you are migrating to SimpleGym and would like to migrate your customer's credit / debit and ACH details this involves a separate transfer. Transferring customer's credit card and other payment data is a very sensitive operation, and requires encrypted file transfers in a format called PGP. So for gyms with just a few members, it is often more practical to transfer their member data without the payment data, and then have their gym members reauthorize payment data. For gyms with more existing members, however, importing your member's payment data is certainly do-able. 

Here are the steps to import your member's payment data from your existing credit card processor into SimpleGym. 

Request a Secure Export of Your Gyms Payment Data & PGP Key
  • Send Email: Email your existing merchant services / credit card processing provider.
    • Include on the email.
    • Include the following text in the body of the email: "I am requesting an encrypted payment file of my merchant account's active customers for the purpose of migrating my merchant services account from your organization to SimpleGym, a gym management platform, whose Payments are powered by WePay a Chase Bank Company. I authorize SimpleGym and WePay to handle the encrypted payment file and PGP Key on my behalf, for the purpose of uploading my customer's payment data into the SimpleGym / WePay platform."
  • Receive File: 
    • Once SimpleGym / WePay receives a copy of the file and PGP Key from your previous credit card processor, that file will be securely imported into your WePay account.
    • After you have verified that the imported data is correct, you will be able to continue your existing payments and initiate new payments for those existing customers via SimpleGym.